1. Fine carpentry refers to wooden work done with great care and precision for constructions purposes, covering the finest functions and skills. When you hire a specialist on this area you can trust that he will deliver resistant, durable and beautiful products that will comply you requirements and vision.
  2. We recommend you to hire fine carpentry when starting a project that involves a lot of detail. It is ideal for locals thought as bars or restaurants that need to build a nice and pleasant atmosphere where clients can be comfortable and at ease.
  3. The carpenter in charge is not for any reason a rookie, he is a highly trained professional with a long resume and great artistic and technical knowledge who will build with mathematical precession, using only the best materials and right tools. When it comes to big projects he demonstrate his skills organizing and supervising every person involved in the different tasks that are needed through the construction process.
  4. Fine carpenters fabricate furniture as tables, chairs and beds, but also everything else that is necessary for the customization of your home: cabinets, cupboards, drawers and chests of drawers for a gorgeous well equipped kitchen or bedside tables, drawers and dressing tables for your bedrooms.
  5. At first, fine carpentry may appear to be more of the same, but it is not at all; a job done by this kind of professional won’t show irregular borders or badly polished surfaces, damaged or stained wood: you won’t have trouble with drawers that get stuck or loose handles or chairs that break after a few months of use.