A drywall is s a panel made of calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum), with or without additives, typically extruded between thick sheets of facer and backer paper that is generally used for internal divisions; ceilings and for the elaboration of furniture and decorative elements. These are four benefits of using drywall for your construction projects:

  1. Using drywall allow us to do a wide of creative solutions that will provide at a low cost that special look that you wish for your personal and work spaces:
  2. Drywalls can be used for design and decorative purposes: this material allows you to make your habitations and common areas look spectacular. You can make the best out of this economic material as it’s versatile and easy to work with so you’ll quickly see the results of your investment. You can easily decorate them with paint, tiles or any other materials.
  3. Drywall can be customized according to your requirements:  take advantage of its versatility and optimize your spaces building shelves and ledges where you can place any object you want: books, decorations or electronics.  Your imagination’s the limit.
  4. You can also use this material for a modern false celling: you can give it an aesthetic look depending on your needs and tastes, so your living room gets that modern look that you are aiming for.  It can be built in any shape you want, square or round. Right in the center you can install led lamps so your reunions are always well lit and very stylish.
  5. You can customize your kitchen:  you can build shelves and cupboards that will allow you to organize everything according your tastes and requirements.  You can also get a special ceiling.
  6. Drywall is resistant to fire, cracking and humidity thanks to its fiberglass coating, they also work as acoustic and thermal isolators.
  7. Drywall is ideal when your time and budget are adjusted, as it is an accessible and easy to install material.
  8. This material is available in any construction store.