Construction Services in Los Cabos

From evaluation and diagnosis to the execution of the most delicate details.

construccion en general

General Construction

You as entrepreneur, know how important is to count with the best advising, working power and strategic planning when it comes to construction projects. Is very important to consider that this is not only about your image but it is also about finding the best way to utilize your spaces. 

You can be sure that we work only with materials of the highest quality, as during the construction process as well as for fine finishes, guaranteeing comfort and an impeccable look. 

When hiring a construction company there are some basic aspects to take into consideration: availability of materials, equipment and the personnel’s experience, as well as the areas of specialty. Muro Duro is a construction company in Los Cabos with 10 years of experience in diverse areas of urban development, among them: tourism and real-estate. We have all the infrastructure and the best staff in town. 

We’ll work shoulder to shoulder since the planning stage of your project. We’ll proceed to raise the structures within schedule. We’ll work with diverse materials depending on the project: cement, concrete or wood.  In the same way, if required, we’ll develop internal routes: parking lots as well as roads. 

Fine Finishes

In Muro Duro we specialize in fine finishes, a very important area for any construction project. Many times this is overviewed by construction companies that don’t care about detail. Nonetheless, we got to remember that: “our specialty is in the detail, in that finish that will provide that final touch which may be seen like small stuff, but it is actually fundamental”.

By fine finishes we refer to those details that will define the image of your construction project. Of course, by this we refer to a wide variety of techniques, abilities and materials:

  • Floors: Tiles, Borders, Venetian Plaster
  • Taps and Faucets: Mixers, Heads, Arms, Single Level Mixer, Vat Outlets, Drain Pipes, Telephone Showers, Faucets.
  • Accessories: Roll Holders, Towel Holders, Soap Holders, Toothbrush Holders, Security Bars, Flushometers, Drain Strainers.
acabados finos


Remodeling is one of the most noble and thrilling activities when it comes to construction, as it allows you recover forgotten and abandoned spaces, to make them inhabitable again or to bring new life into that places that don’t satisfy you anymore.

We’ll start to make a structural diagnosis that will allow us to know what can be rescued, what must be replaced, where to start working. We’ll see if it is required to do structural or superficial work, if is necessary to replace the electric network or to do any plumbing. You’ll get total transparency at the moment you receive our budget as well as the freedom to comment and enrich our parameters.

We do remodeling work for:

  • Facades
  • Gardens
  • Accommodations (for the hotel industry)
  • Finishes (carpintería, pisos, herrería, instalaciones eléctricas)

Corrective and Preventive Maintenance

We’ll provide support so you can keep your facilities in optimum conditions. We provide preventive services in order to avoid any possible damage in the constructions and to maintain them as good as new. We provide maintenance services for paint, electric installations and plumbing. At the same time, if necessary, we’ll assist you with any kind of repair.

We’ll take care of all the technical aspects involved in the recovery of your spaces:

  • Carpentry: we’ll take of all kind of work that requires wood; doors, wardrobes, cabinets, closets or even reinforcements and structural work.
  • Ironworks: we do all kind of metal installations; gates, gratings, fences and more.
  • Hydro-sanitary Installations: we take care of all the plumbing so your sanitary installations are functional and pleasant to sight.
  • Electric Facilities: we take care of all the circuitry that provides energy to your residence or business. We have a team of expert that will make sure that this is done with total care and security.
  • Paint: we work with the best paints, offering a great variety of colors.
  • Drywall: we do all kind of creative work with this material for interior and facades.
  • Air Conditioning: in warmer cities is precise that your spaces get a good artificial climate system so you have a pleasant daily experience. We’ll recommend the right equipment for your residence or office.